5 Tips for Safely Driving your RV

5 Tips for Safely Driving your RV
Rachel Simpson

Written by Rachel Simpson

There are few better ways of enjoying a long vacation than loading up an RV and hitting the open road. RV vacations are the perfect way to disconnect from the stresses of your daily life and enjoy a care-free vacation. With any type of travel, there are going to be challenges that you may face, especially when you are vacationing in a larger vehicle than you’re used to. If you aren’t that comfortable with RV’ing, here are our five top tips for safe RV traveling.

1) Be Comfortable Driving Your RV 

First and foremost, you need to make sure that you are comfortable with driving your RV. Make sure that the first time that you take your RV out on a long road trip, is not the first time that you are driving your RV. Adjust the seat to be comfortable, the mirrors and armrests. Find yourself a quiet street or empty carpark and practice all the basics – reversing, turning, parking. Make sure you’re familiar with the size of your vehicle and how much room you need to manoeuvre.

When you’re driving a much larger vehicle than normal, it will take time to build up your comfort level. Make sure that you give yourself plenty of practice driving around town and on the highway before you take it out for a few weeks at a time, especially if you’ll be travelling to more remote areas. You’ll also want to get comfortable with setting up your RV when you park up – read our Campsite Checklist for tips!

2) Make Sure that You Have Good Insurance

Regardless of the length or duration of your trip, you need to make sure that you’re covered in case of incidents, especially when driving a rented vehicle you’re not familiar with. For your own vehicle, ask your insurance company about the policies that they offer for your RV and what that includes. Options with certain policies can include your towed vehicles, road service coverage and towing or assistance for your RV. For a rental vehicle, check what the company’s insurance policy covers – Mighway offers basic and upgraded coverage on all rentals so you can have peace of mind on your trip.

3) Check Weather

Checking weather conditions while you are traveling with your RV should be a major part of your daily routine. Whether you are going to be resting at your campground or traveling hundreds of miles down the road, you should always be aware of any type of adverse weather conditions that you could be facing while driving your RV. Planning your activities is that much easier when you know what weather is coming, and will prevent you from being caught out in a bad situation. Even in summer, you might find yourself facing some days stuck inside, so check our rainy day entertainment tips to keep yourself sane!

4) Check Road Conditions

Something that can go hand in hand with weather conditions is making sure that you are keeping up to date on road conditions as well. This could be something as simple as watching out for flash floods or just making sure that you have a large enough road to drive on, and knowing in advance if the road is likely to do any damage to your RV. Plan your route carefully including your fuel stops – you may not be able to stop at all petrol stations, and you want to make sure you won’t get stuck miles away from town with an empty tank!

5) Staying Connected

Staying connected can mean making sure that you have adequate electricity and knowing how to manage energy usage, along with using WiFi while you are in your RV. Make sure that you are aware of your RV’s energy guidelines so that you aren’t overconsuming power. If you’ll be far away from towns and civilisation, make a note of areas where you will or won’t have cell reception, so you won’t be caught out in an emergency.

Your first time in an RV can be smooth and easy if you practice and prepare in advance. Follow the tips above to get yourself ready, and get the most out of your adventure. And when you’re ready to go, rent an motorhome with Mighway, and let the journey unfold!

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