Must-See New Zealand Places

Must-See New Zealand Places
Rachel Simpson

Written by Rachel Simpson

New Zealand is home to gorgeous mountain ranges, beautiful countryside, sandy beaches and lively cities. One of the best ways that you can see and experience everything that this country has to offer is by driving across it yourself. Taking a motorhome is the ideal way to fully immerse yourself in a new place, we recommend flying to New Zealand and renting a motorhome for you and the entire family.

Now that you have your motorhome rental, where should you go first in New Zealand? Here are our top five recommendations of where you should take your motorhome first.

Glacier Country

New Zealand is a beautiful country, and highlights a spectrum of different landscapes from hot and dry to cold and wet and everything in between. The Franz Josef glacier is one of the most easily accessible glaciers on the planet. So much so that you can actually walk on or hike up the glacier itself. You can even take guided tours to walk through the glacier.


After hiking the glaciers, you may want to make some time to warm yourself up and kick your feet up. Rotorua is well known as a geothermal wonderland, home to geysers and natural hot springs. You can tour the area, watch and be in awe of the erupting geysers and soak it up in the natural hot springs.

While you’re out this way, we recommend exploring the East Cape – find our itinerary here!


When you have gotten your fill of the hot springs and being out in the beautiful natural wonders of the New Zealand countryside, take a drive to the city of Auckland. Auckland is the highest population and largest city in New Zealand, with so much to offer that you could almost spend your entire vacation there. With massive scenes for food, music and the arts, there is a little something for everyone in the city of Auckland.


For outdoor activities and adventures, Paihia in The Bay of Islands is a great getaway for swimming, boating, kayaking, paddleboarding and fishing. While you’re there, you can enjoy some of the best freshly caught seafood that New Zealand has to offer.


Queenstown is another splendid area where you can take in the fresh air, and enjoy the crisp, crystal-blue waters of Lake Wakatipu. We highly recommend renting some bicycles and taking them around the perimeter of the lake. And for any adrenaline seekers, be sure to enjoy the many thrilling experiences available in the adventure capital!

There are plenty of amazing places to visit in New Zealand, and these are just the well known ones! While you’re out exploring, take the time to stop and explore the small towns and unique attractions in between the main towns – you’ll get a really authentic local experience, and you’re always sure to find unforgettable hidden gems! If you’re looking for a more complete itinerary, check out our guide to the Great New Zealand Road Trip! Book your motorhome with Mighway, and let the journey unfold.