4 Reasons to Work from the Road

4 Reasons to Work from the Road
Jason Nockels

Written by Jason Nockels

Young professionals are becoming more and more distanced by the idea of 9 to 5 office based/single location based position. In response to this, many young professionals are taking to the road, and working freelance positions. Here are 4 reasons they often lead healthier and stronger work lives from the road:

1. Less Stress Leads to More Productivity

One of the biggest enemies of workplace productivity is stress. The more stressed out you are, the harder it becomes to focus on your work. Due to this, you will begin to notice your workdays becoming longer, harder, and less productive when you are constantly stressed. Being in the same environment (i.e. an office) day in and day out can be highly stressful, and make you jaded. To avoid this, start working on the road. The new daily experiences and sense of freedom will help you manage your stress much more effectively, leading to a better work flow and more productivity.

2. New Experiences Lead to Better Inspiration/Motivation

It can be hard to innovate or connect to new audiences if you see the same place/people every day. Traveling while working is a great way to expand your social horizon, and understand the needs of target audiences more thoroughly. Additionally, you’ll be able to do this research while enjoying yourself and being immersed in the reality of the people you are working to help/market to.

3. More Chances to Expand Your Professional Network

Being stuck in the same workplace can make it difficult to expand your professional networks and opportunities. Working on the road can allow you to attend tons of trade/industry-specific conferences, and other valuable gatherings that can help you meet peers that can lead your work life in exciting new directions.

4. Lead a More Satisfying Life

More than anything else, working on the road will simply lead to a more satisfying, healthy, and varied life. If you want to avoid the trappings of the 9-5 desk job, and a harsh mortgage payment, working on the road is perhaps the best way to do it.

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Tip: For When You Need an Office

Sometimes while you’re on the road, you might find yourself needing a professional boardroom, reliable internet connection or serious office for that more traditional client.

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