Palm Springs RV Parks – the perfect place to start your trip!

Palm Springs RV Parks – the perfect place to start your trip!
Rachel Simpson

Written by Rachel Simpson

Taking a road trip is one of the best ways that you can disconnect from the stresses of your daily life, to explore a new place. One of the best aspects about traveling in an RV is taking your home with you wherever you go. This opens you up to nearly unlimited potential in terms of exploration and planning the vacation that you have always wanted.

One of the best places to rent an RV is Palm Springs. Not only does it have some of the best climate in the entire country, Southern California is known for being one of the most RV and camper friendly areas in the entire country, and Palm Springs RV parks are some of the best. If you have been thinking about planning your next RV trip to Southern California, here are some of the top places that we recommend that you visit while you are there.

1) Palm Springs

If you are flying into the area to rent an RV in Palm Springs, this is the first place that you are going to visit on your list of destinations.

For years, Palm Springs has been one of the top vacation destinations throughout the entire state of California. With great weather, beautiful mountains and valleys and lots of great places to park your RV, there is no reason that Palm Springs shouldn’t be one of the first destinations on your list.

Palm Springs RV Parks are plentiful, with options to suit your tastes and location needs. If you are interested in camping right up next to the mountains, Happy Traveler R.V. Park may be the perfect place for you to camp. With beautiful views of the mountains and access to the entire valley, this campsite offers everything that you will need during your stay at Palm Springs. Shadow Hills RV Resort, and Indian Waters RV Resort & Cottages both offer a peaceful, scenic location with full amenities so you can enjoy a little luxury after a day of adventure.

There are plenty of other centrally located campsites that you can go to as well, if you would rather stay closer to downtown Palm Springs. Horizon Mobile Village and RV Park is walking distance to everything you need, and Outdoor Resort Palm Springs offers a little escape from the hustle and bustle while still being central. Palm Springs truly has something for everyone. If you want up by the pool, go on a hike, or have a nice dinner or breakfast out, Palm Springs has something for everyone.

2) San Diego

If you have a few days that you are going to be traveling, you absolutely have to stop by San Diego. San Diego has dozens of camping and RV locations, both on the coast and inland, so that you can get the full-city and beach experience before you leave town. If you are looking toward the coast, we would highly recommend staying at Mission Bay RV Resort or Campland on the bay. They are both in the Mission Beach area, and offer prime access to the coast and some of San Diego’s finest beaches.

If you are planning to camp more inland we would recommend Sweetwater Summit Regional Park, which is right on the Sweetwater Reservoir, or the Admiral Baker RV Campground which is nested in the beautiful hills, out east of San Diego.

While you are visiting, make sure that you take some time to go in town to visit the Gaslamp Quarter if you are looking for a night out on the town, and if you are looking for a relaxing time at the beach, San Diego has some of the most gorgeous and relaxed beaches in the entire country.

3) Los Angeles

If you have already made it to San Diego and have a couple of days to spare, there is no reason that you should not make the drive a couple of hours north to Los Angeles. Los Angeles, one of the largest cities in the country, is uniquely equipped for RV camping in that this city has something for everyone. Whether you are trying to get the fully-immersive in the city experience, looking for an escape to the hills, or trying to find a nice quiet spot near the beach to relax, Los Angeles has something for you.

If you are trying to escape the city and get the full-on beach experience, we highly recommend that you make your stay at Malibu Beach RV Park. Malibu has some of the most beautiful beaches that all of Southern California has to offer, along with gorgeous state parks and some of the most expensive real estate in the entire country. Los Angeles, much like San Diego, has so much to offer for outdoor and city-oriented lifestyles alike. You really need a few days to get the full LA experience, but if you only have a day, make sure that you use your time wisely. Time flies in the big city. 

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4) Santa Barbara

If you need some quiet time away from the big city, you can slip further north to the quiet, cool city of Santa Barbara. Santa Barbara has beautiful campsites for your RV from North to South, and is the perfect escape away from the fast-pace of city life. Santa Barbara Sunrise RV Park gives to you the perfect place to set up right along the coast, so that you can get the perfect balance of the surf and the mountains.

Now that you know where are the best Palm Springs RV Parks are, rent an RV in Palm Springs on and travel like a local with all the tips and experience you’ll get by renting the RV directly from an owner in the area!