RV Packing List – 10 Things You Really Need On Your RV Trip

RV Packing List – 10 Things You Really Need On Your RV Trip

Written by mighway

So, you’re all set. You have the dates for travel, a destination and a list of everything you can’t wait to see and do when you get there. You’re packing your clothes, and it occurs to you: You’re traveling by RV. What do you really need to bring to do this vacation in comfort and style? It’s time to create an RV checklist.

Whether it’s your first RV vacation, or your fifth, this handy RV packing list for your mobile home-away-from-home is certain to answer your questions and  It can accompany your full RV checklist so you can get ready worry-free!

The Kitchen RV Checklist

One of the best things about an RV vacation is that you have a kitchen. Say goodbye to road-trip fast food for every meal and enjoy having the opportunity to whip up something that looks and tastes a bit more appetizing. Most private RV rentals are kind enough to stock the basics: plates, cups, etc., so always double check if you’re renting your RV from an individual to see if those things are provided. If they are, then the top kitchen needs you’ll want on your RV packing list are:

  1. General kitchen goods: trash bags, paper towels, cleaning wipes and dish soap. These might not be provided, and even if they are, they might not last the entire trip. You can’t use a kitchen that’s not clean, so make sure you check your supplies and bring these items in order to maintain your rental.
  2. Packaged food: It might seem obvious, but when you’re packing food for an RV, there are some things you have to keep in mind. The smoothness of a ride in an RV is equal to the smoothness of the road, and things might get a little bumpy. Pack plastic and aluminum cans when possible, trying your best to avoid glass to avoid the inevitable slip-and-break accidents. Another consideration is that RV fridges are compact, and you’ll waste a lot of space if you try to bring full-sized bottles of your favorite condiments. Purchase the smallest bottles you can find.

The Bathroom RV Checklist

The other perk of RV life is that you have open access to a restroom anytime. You should know that motorhomes work on a storage tank system, so when you rent, be sure to ask the owner everything about how to empty and refill this tank, as well as if certain items shouldn’t be flushed, like tissue paper. Remember to write on your RV packing list:

3. Travel-size toiletries: Pick up some smaller toiletries with a small, hanging mesh bag in which to store them. Remember, your days of resting your shampoo bottle on the ledge are gone for the duration of the trip.

4. Your personal care items: sunscreen, lotions and insect repellant. If you’ve rented a beautiful campsite on a lake or in the woods, you should be able to go out and enjoy the scenery without bites and burns!

General RV Packing List

This is where we get to the things you’re really going to want to increase your leisure on the trip. Be sure to add to your RV packing list:

5. Any portable, plug-in device that will allow for cable access from your stopping points in campsites along the way.

6. Flashlights: You’ll want to be able to have a light without waking everyone else in the camper, and they’ll be handy on hikes.

7.Paper maps: You might be traveling to areas where WiFi is bad and the GPS might not work, and you’ll appreciate the back-up!

8.Laundry detergent and coins: Most campsites have pay-laundry machines, and you’ll want to use them for everything from doing your laundry to drying your towels after a swim.

9. First Aid/Road Safety kits. The last place you want to be is stuck on the side of the road without a way to signal for help, and even the most meticulously maintained RV can suffer a flat tire. Make sure you bring this with you on each trip, and help to keep your vacation safe. Always take the time to familiarize yourself with the emergency flashers, emergency brake and other safety features of your rented RV prior to your first drive.

10. Layerable clothing: You’ll like be spending most of your downtime outside, especially if you’re at a scenic campsite, so be prepared for the temperature to go from scorching hot during the day to chilly after dark. Bringing layerable clothes means you can adjust as needed to stay comfortable, without having to completely change outfits.

There you have it! All the knowledge about the little things involved in motorhome camping that will help you have a great time so you can easily create an RV checklist. Keep in mind that if you rent person-to-person, it’s more likely that your RV will come pre-stocked with many of these items. Think of it as the difference between a standard, commercial hotel and a room rented on a vacation site by owner. We love those deals, because they give us all the comforts of home and the extras that just don’t come from a commercial rental.

We hope this has helped you plan your RV packing list for your vacation. If you’re interested in learning more about person-to-person RV rentals, the benefits of the service and all that it can offer, starting browsing available RV rentals. Our selection of vehicles is always changing, so check often.