Meet Local Owner, Greg, and his Motorhome in Taranaki

Meet Local Owner, Greg, and his Motorhome in Taranaki
Rachel Simpson

Written by Rachel Simpson

Taranaki – the locals love this slice of rugged paradise and it’s really not hard to see why. From the majestic Mount Taranaki to the award-winning Coastal Walkway there’s so much to discover. Mighway recommends at least 2 days here.

The treks are best in summer and autumn, but well-experienced climbers with gear may want to take on the steep inclines when they’re icy and snowy in winter. Mount Taranaki has one of the most symmetrical cones in the world, meaning it’s steep on all sides. Visit Tahurangi Lodge, or go further up to the Dawson Falls, which features an 18-meter waterfall, to a variety of different heritage sites that include one of the world’s oldest operating generators, and the historic Camphouse on Mt. Egmont.

For the filming of their second video series, “On the Road Recipes”, the Mighway team visited this fantastic area and met local owner, Greg. They had a lovely time chatting to Greg about his experience with Mighway, and booked his vehicle to be featured in the series. Here’s what Greg had to say about how he uses Mighway to show off his country and help people explore:

We’ve been with Mighway around about two years now.  We’ve had about nine bookings with Mighway, and the people that we have experienced have been just fantastic, the experience has been very very great. We’ve met wonderful people from New Zealand and all around the world.

I like to see international guests travelling to New Zealand, cause I’m a proud Kiwi and I think we should show our country off. I really enjoy telling our guests about the places that we’ve been in our motorhome and what experiences we’ve had to help inspire their trips. When people arrive here we actually direct them to the Campermate app on the phones and we also advise people of our speed limits to help them stay safe.

With the money that’s been generated from renting out our motorhome, we have managed to pay for maintenance and improvements on our vehicle and also our rates here at home. 

Watch his interview:

Check out Grace and Greg’s Mercedes:

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