Top Tips from Mighway Owners

Top Tips from Mighway Owners

Written by mighway

Renting out your RV is like running a small business. You should always try and go above and beyond for your guests, and in return, you will receive great feedback and plenty of bookings!

If you stayed at a hotel and couldn’t work the TV or the Air Conditioning you would be frustrated. So, it’s important to make a great vehicle listing and create unforgettable experiences. To help get you started, we’ve compiled our Top 5 Tips from experienced owners. Thank you, Margaret, Andrew, and Ann-Marie for sharing.


Useful Add-Ons can quickly pay for themselves! They add to the guest experience and can increase your generated income for each booking. Having useful add-ons also lets potential guests know they’ll be in for a great trip in your vehicle.

Consider offering pick-up and drop-off services if you are near an airport or tourist hub. Think about the things you like to bring along on your trips – imagine, for example, how useful a beach pack (cooler/beach towels etc.) could be to a long distance traveler? Bikes or plastic kayaks are very popular.

Respond quickly to booking requests.

It’s good service and simple to do. Potential guests are showing an interest in your vehicle. That’s great! If a guest is looking at multiple vehicles, and you approve their request first, they’re that much more likely to confirm a booking on your vehicle! If you don’t respond to guests, you run the risk of them finding another vehicle, or turning them off the Mighway service completely. Even if you have to decline a booking, do so as soon as you can so the guest isn’t left waiting, and can keep planning their trip.

Make a Welcome guide to your vehicle.

You are proud of your RV, but it’s very new to your guests and each RV is unique. A simple laminated check list (e.g. before you drive/when you stop/when you go to sleep) and clear instructions to vehicle functions will add value to your guests’ experience and help prompt you at handover ensuring you cover everything off. Think of the guide you would find in a hotel or motel room as an example. Maybe even make a couple of simple video guides you can share with your future guests. This will help with familiarisation. If you need tips to making a How-To guide, we’ve got you covered! Check them out here.

It’s a great thing to add to your listing too! Guests will be certain that they won’t be struggling to use your vehicle.

Basic Supplies.

Your guests are likely lacking basic supplies when they first pick up your vehicle, so help them get settled with a few things. Consider what you would like to find in your trip – you can include soaps/shampoos etc., basic tea/coffee/sugar supplies and snacks. Anything to help them feel comfortable when they make their first stop. Make sure you add a note about this in your vehicle listing too!

Share your PASSION.

As an owner you can find out more about your guests travel plans and share tips and hints to enhance their experience. A great restaurant recommendation, a suggested scenic route, a secret spot with a superb view or the best beaches – these are all warm, welcoming and helpful sharing gestures. That’s part of the journey for your guests. Both Managed and Local owners can build a simple (free!) folder of Tourism information in a wallet, just visit your local tourism office and pick up some brochures. You could even email them local tourism links in addition to the Mighway guides.

Let Guests know that they can great tips from a local by mentioning it in your listing too.

With just a few small things, you can make your Guests’ experiences in your vehicle unforgettable! Mentioning that you do these things in your vehicle listing can help to convince potential Guests to pick your vehicle, and at the end of the trip will result in positive reviews to entice potential future Guests too.