Our Guide to Yellowstone Camping

Our Guide to Yellowstone Camping
Rachel Simpson

Written by Rachel Simpson

Yellowstone National Park is a wonderful RV vacation destination. Year after year a wave of vacationer’s flock to the park to get back to nature. Often visitors chose to camp on sites that are not in the park itself but if you plan far enough in advance, camping in the park is the best way to spend your vacation. The park itself is gigantic, and it can take an RVer four or more hours to drive from one end of the park to another! That’s why we suggest you take in the park from one spot to fully enjoy the visit, using our tips for Yellowstone camping.

Keep in mind that not all of these campgrounds have hookups, so as long as you are fine with roughing it RV style this shouldn’t be an issue. Need full hookups the whole time? You can still enjoy camping at Yellowstone, just stay at Fishing Bridge!

While you are at each campground, make sure you explore the sights nearby, so that you spend the least amount of your vacation on the roads moving from place to place, and the most enjoying the natural experiences that Yellowstone is known for. The following are a few campground suggestions to help you make the most out of this ‘camp and explore’ strategy.


Known for its great fishing, lush mountain setting and abundant wildlife, this is a great starting location for your vacation in Yellowstone. While you are at this campground you can easily see the Grand Prismatic, Old Faithful and the Geyser Basins. You can also hit up Norris Hot Springs or take a hike to the Fairy Falls.


Canyon campsite is one of the most popular spots for Yellowstone camping, named because of its close proximity to the Grand Canyon, so be sure to take in this sight while you are here on one of the many nearby trails. Another good nearby sight to explore is Mammoth Hot Springs. While here, take the time to drive though the Lamar Valley and enjoy the scenic views – you’ll likely see wolves, bison, and bears too!

Fishing Bridge

Located near the mouth of the Yellowstone River as it leaves Yellowstone Lake, Fishing Bridge is the only one of these sites that has full hook ups. From this campsite you can take a rowboat ride on the lake, or spend the day on the beach and have an evening dinner at Yellowstone Lake Hotel. If you are up for a challenge you might also enjoy taking a hike along Mount Washburn. And of course, go fishing for native Cutthroat trout off the eponymous Fishing Bridge.

Yellowstone is a perfect place for camping, especially if you’re travelling in an RV. No RV? No problem! You can rent the perfect RV for you with Mighway, direct from a local owner so you get all the best tips to help you plan your trip.