Teardrop Trailers: the Pros and Cons

Teardrop Trailers: the Pros and Cons

Written by mighway

For many people teardrop trailers are a good choice for their travel needs. But what makes these trailers an attractive choice for some and a poor choice for others? Let’s take a moment and look some of the following pros and cons that come with teardrop trailers.

Teardrop Trailer Pros

Teardrop Trailers are an interesting middle ground between full on camping and RVing – here are some of the Pros of Teardrop Trailers.

Less Expensive

Where a full-size RV can run you tens of thousands of dollars when you buy used, and more than double that for a new one, Teardrop Trailers can be purchased for a fraction of the cost. If you are handy with carpentry, you can even purchase manuals to build your own for even less!

Small Vehicle Towable

Teardrop trailers are designed to be towable by smaller vehicles, while often an SUV or large truck is required to haul a full sized RV. A further advantage of their lightweight nature is fuel cost savings from a combination of the trailers small size, combined with more fuel efficient tow vehicles.

Extra Security

Teardrop campers provide more security than tent camping and provide around the same amount of room for two or three people. When you leave your campsite you can lock your teardrop up, further securing your possessions while you are away.


Since many people build their own teardrop RVs, or have them custom built, you can make a teardrop function exactly to your personal desires. Some enjoy rustic teardrops with little more than sleeping areas and camping storage, while pthers embrace tiny home lifestyles and can be found with flat screen TVs, AC and charging stations for electronics.

Camping Storage

When you are not sleeping in it, teardrop trailers provide you with way more space for storing your camping gear, allowing you to set up some pretty luxurious campsites when you get to where you are going.


The following are a some very real downsides to teardrop trailers that need to be considered.

Outdoor Cooking

You will be roughing it and cooking outside even if you have an attached kitchen in the rear of your Teardrop like many do. This is not a big deal on sunny days but, when the weather is windy and rainy this is absolutely no fun.

Tight Space 

By design, teardrops are intended to be a sleeping area and a storage trailer for your camping gear so that lightweight vehicles can tow them. To achieve this they are not the roomiest of camping options. And for tall people can prove too tight to do more than sleep and dress in

If you have been considering buying or building a teardrop trailer to take your camping to the next level, consider renting one from Mighway and experience what teardrop trailer camping can offer before you decide. To get you started, check out Warren’s Vintage Style Teardrop in Borrego Springs, CA, or Lost Trails Teardrop ToyHauler in Nevada City. In New Zealand, you can also try Craig’s SmartCamper Teardrop in the Bay of Plenty.