Meet the Team Series: Software Development!

Meet the Team Series: Software Development!

Written by mighway

Ever wanted to know a little more about the people bringing you Mighway? Well now you can find out! In this series we’ll introduce you to the people behind Mighway, from what they do to what they love doing. Next up: The Software Development Team! This team handles everything to do with maintaining our website, creating new features, fixing bugs, and keeping our platform running smoothly for owners, guests, and staff!

Our awesome Market Development team is made up of:

Leola Xu – Head of Software Development
Malik – Lead Architect
Laura Knill – Senior Software Engineer
Facundo Romero – QA Overlord
Maia Lawson – QA Doge
Adam Peryman – Full Stack Developer
Alex Moreau – Full Stack Developer

Leola is passionate about enabling business with technology and driving a collaborative environment. She enjoys understanding and analysing business needs, and driving a shared understanding. Outside of work, Leola enjoys getting out into nature of bush walks, hiking, running, and camping, as well appreciating abstract art.


Malik is currently working as a Lead Architect at Mighway. Having extensive experience in large organisations, Malik has always been passionate about technology innovation. Malik joined in Feb 2018 and is keen to learn more about the NZ tourism industry. In his spare time, Malik enjoys sports, travel and adventure.


Laura has a passion for front end tech and has over 9 years experience in her field. Laura has worked for Findly & Aspex Consulting and saw Mighway as a new opportunity to bring creativity to a start-up environment. In her spare time, you’ll find her gaming, rock climbing and hanging with her dog, Jackson, and two cats.


Facundo has over 9 years of experience in QA, testing all kinds of software. He’ll make sure to break our website, so that it’s working smoothly by the time you get your hands on it! In his free time, Facundo is a Bard adventuring throughout Exandria, in search of treasure and knowledge in his weekly D&D game.


Maia is writing an automation test suite so while the automation is breaking the website for her and maintaining our platform’s stability, she can show everyone pictures of Doge. In her spare time, Maia likes to read, game, binge-watch anime, and look at pictures of Doge.


Adam’s a nerd who enjoys pretty much everything. His favourite distro is Arch Linux, he codes in Vim, he still uses IRC, and he has way too many unfinished projects on GitHub. In his free time, he can be found gaming, playing piano, making electro music, or practising MMA. If you want to talk about WoW for hours, Adam’s your man.


Alex is from France and decided to come to New Zealand to improve both his English and his skills in IT. After experiencing multiple JS frameworks he fell in love with React, and that’s what he is doing here at Mighway. Outside of work Alex loves sports, travel, piano, and e-sports.