5 Tips for Preventing Motion Sickness in Your Motorhome

5 Tips for Preventing Motion Sickness in Your Motorhome

Written by mighway

If you travel by RV often, you have likely experienced motion sickness at least once. This unfortunate ailment can be frustrating, and has the potential to really damage the enjoyment of your trip. However, there are many ways to cut down the chance of developing motion sickness in your motorhome. To help readers out, we have put together this list of five tips for preventing motion sickness in your motorhome.

1. Eat Light Meals While Traveling

Preparation is key when avoiding motion sickness. To comfortably travel long distances, you want to have a good amount of food in your stomach – without being too full. This will give you the energy you need while avoiding bloat. Additionally, eating lighter foods such as fruit and bread is much easier on your body than fatty or dense meals before traveling long distances in your RV.

2. Always Sit Facing Forward

Many RVs have back seats where you can face away from the road, allowing you to really feel the experience of traveling in a moving home. However, this lack of motion in your vision can negatively affect your body’s equilibrium. By sitting facing forward, with the moving road in view, you are much more likely to avoid motion sickness.

3. Avoid Strong Odours

Motion sickness is connected to every one of your senses. With this in mind, you should always avoid having any foul or even strong odours in your RV when traveling long distances. If your stomach is already feeling bad, it will be turned even further if you have leftover fish stinking up your fridge. Be smart about the odors you introduce to your RV’s environment; your drive will be much more comfortable.

4. Focus on the Scenery

While reading books, playing portable games, and other tasks can be a great way to kill time on the road, they are also one of the main causes of motion sickness. When your eyes are focusing on a stationary object at the same time their peripheral vision is being overwhelmed, motion sickness begins to set in. To counteract this, simply focus your primary vision on the beautiful scenery around you. Not only will this help alleviate motion sickness, but it will give you a more authentic RV travel experience.

5. Drive When You Can

Driving when possible is a great way to avoid motion sickness. With your body and mind concentrated on the road, it syncs with the motion of the RV and you are less likely to experience motion sickness. When you cannot get motion sickness to go away, even when you are driving, you should pull over for a break, and drink some cold water. In general, taking breaks when possible is the key to having a safe, fun, and comfortable RV journey across the country.

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