Meet Local Owner Teresa Hogg, and her motorhome ‘Tikva’

Meet Local Owner Teresa Hogg, and her motorhome ‘Tikva’
Jason Nockels

Written by Jason Nockels

Masterton is Wairarapa’s largest town, and it has something for everyone – from shopping, cycle trails to art and great food. It’s the perfect place for motorhome travellers to explore the whole region.

The Mighway team was lucky enough to visit this beautiful region for the filming of their second video series, “On the Road Recipes”. They had a great experience when they met with local owner Teresa, and booked her vehicle “Tikva” to be featured in the series.

Have a read of our interview with Teresa to learn more about her experience with Mighway, and how she is able to earn some extra income and offset the ongoing costs of her vehicle.

“I’ve been with Mighway since 2016 and decided to list my motorhome, Tikva, as a great way to earn additional income when I’m not making the most of my motorhome. Tikva in Israel means hope, and my hope is to provide guests travelling to New Zealand with a truly memorable and exciting experience.

Connecting with people, learning more about where they have come from, and the stories that they bring is something I am very passionate about. I love that Mighway gives me this opportunity to connect and share the best bits of what my hometown has to offer with different guests.

Masterton is an hour and half drive from Wellington, so I often like to meet guests at Wellington Airport and drive them back Masterton, ensuring that they are well rested before taking Tikva on the road. I also like to include a few things like tea, coffee, milk, crackers, cheese and wine in Tikva. I like to think that it’s these little things that make guests feel comfortable and right at home. I also like to share my favourite spots to sightsee, such as Castle Point, wine tasting throughout the Wairarapa region, and some excellent hiking and cycle trails.

Having travelled the world and met different people who have been kind to me, Mighway gives me the opportunity to reciprocate this hospitality and provide guests with an unforgettable experience when they travel to New Zealand.”

Watch her interview:

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If you’re interested in listing your own vehicle with Mighway, or want to find out more info, feel free to email the team at or call 0800 555 695. You’ll be able to earn some extra income, all while having the opportunity to meet and connect with other like-minded travellers!