5 Rainy Day Travel Tips | Campervan Rental

5 Rainy Day Travel Tips | Campervan Rental

Written by mighway

You’ve planned the perfect road trip with your sweetheart, and the two of you have a campervan rental to make the journey as comfortable as possible.  You’ve set a fun schedule for every day, making time to hike and explore along your travels.  And then, in the midst of your best laid plans, it rains.  A torrential downpour that even your brave and adventurous partner doesn’t want to face.  What options do you have for entertainment in an R.V., motorhome, or camper when it rains?  Here are five rainy day travel tips to keep you entertained!

1.  Play A Board Game

There is something sentimental and nostalgic about breaking out your favourite board game, and playing a game of Monopoly or Clue might be the perfect way to beat the rainy day blues while on an campervan trip.  Make sure to keep a few options stocked in your  travelling vehicle of choice, just in case.

2.  Read To Each Other

Reading is a rainy day staple, but when you are on a trip with your special someone, picking up a book can feel a bit solitary.  So next time you are stuck in the rain in your campervan, try reading to your partner out loud.  Choose a book that’s not too complicated, but has a storyline that you get invested in, like “The Hobbit” for example. 

3.  Get Crafty

Have a couple of colouring books on hand, or other crafting kits to keep you entertained. You could start making a travel journal to keep track of your adventure in a fun way. Knitting and crocheting is NOT a hobby just for elders, and if you’ve never tried before, trying to learn with a partner during a rainy day could be a great bonding experience. 

4.  Plan The Next Stage of Your Adventure

If the rain has got you feeling blue and regretting your vacation timing, you can get yourself excited again and get back in the spirit of travel by planning the next stage of your journey with your partner.  Sit down and pull out the map, and look at where you are headed next.  Dream together, and the rainy weather won’t have a chance to slow down. 

5. Embrace the Rain!

When was the last time you went out in the rain to jump in puddles? Enjoy a little bit of childhood wonder by pulling out the rainboots and raincoats and finding some great big puddles to jump in. If you’re not so excited about it, it’s still a great way to tire out the kids when they’d otherwise be cooped up – all you need is a warm drink when you come back inside.