RV Rental Guide | Creating a Vehicle User Guide

RV Rental Guide | Creating a Vehicle User Guide

Written by mighway

Having a How-To guide ready to go makes the pickup process easier, and gives you the peace of mind to know your Guests are prepared. You will have received a Vehicle User Guide and Handy Hints in your Owners pack (if not, you can find them both here). You can use these as a guide to creating your own RV Rental Guide, or simply attach your own extra information to them.

It’s a good idea to send your Guests a digital copy of this guide so they can feel prepared when they come to pick-up. You should also keep a printed copy in the vehicle to give Guests something to refer to during their trip, as well as during your walkthrough. Jason Rikkers, a local owner in the Hawkes Bay, NZ, has put together a great guide for his vehicle that we’ve shared below.


Here’s our How-To on creating your own RV Rental Guide!

  1. Walkthrough your vehicle with our guide in hand to check it covers everything, and note down any additions you need to make. Try talking out loud to yourself, as though you were showing someone around, to get an idea of what comes up. If you can show a friend around, even better, as they can point out anything that confuses them.
  2. Add tips specific to your vehicle and area. These will include where things are stored, how to set up awnings and beds, the height of your vehicle, and checklist of things to remember before moving the vehicle. Mention any local landmarks to see, and local resources such as supermarkets and petrol stations.
  3. Take photos of your vehicle to help explain important information, like how to use a control panel or where it’s located. Make sure these clearly show what you want to explain, and don’t be afraid to take too many.
  4. Add a personal introduction welcoming your Guest and thanking them for choosing your vehicle. You can include a story from when you’ve used your vehicle, some of your travel recommendations – anything you that think will help them out. You can also ask for feedback and provide personal contact information if you wish.
  5. Put it all together, either by writing your own guide from scratch based on ours, attaching your additions guide and photos to our guide, or simply writing your additions in the notes sections.
  6. Try filming some short tutorial videos for each section of your vehicle guide to illustrate more complicated things. Give your vehicle a good clean beforehand, and try filming at different times of day to find the best lighting. You can use your phone to film, so long as you hold it horizontally. You can then easily upload these on YouTube to easily share them with guests.

You can always go back and update your guide if something in your vehicle changes, or you find a way to improve it!

Jason Rikkers has some more great advice to share for other owners: