9 Unmissable Activities in Blenheim

9 Unmissable Activities in Blenheim
Jason Nockels

Written by Jason Nockels

Blenheim features plenty to do for everyone, from the outdoor enthusiast to the budding sommelier. . This is really the place to treat yourself and indulge in all the delights the regions has to offer. There’s wine and chocolate tasting for the foodies, biking and hiking for the outdoorsy, visiting museums for the history buffs, and so much more. We’ve put together some of our favourite activities to do in Blenheim to help you plan your travels, so read on and get inspired!

Bike wineries

Marlborough produces 75% of New Zealand’s wine, 85% of which is Sauvignon Blanc. Blenheim has 30 different wineries, and taking a bike means you can visit all of them without having to worry about driving! Plus, you get a nice break between tastings, most of which are free. You can cruise around at your own pace on the flat land, with a guided or self-guided experience.

Wine and Food Fest

The Marlborough Wine and Food Festival is one awesome day in late summer, featuring live music, food, and that world-renowned Marlborough wine. If your travels happen to coincide with it, this festival should definitely be a stop off. There’s plenty of other entertainment, with live cooking demonstrations, and a Fashion in the Vines competition!

Boutique chocolate

Marlborough’s very own boutique chocolate factory is tucked away in gorgeous vineyard country. Makana Confections offers free chocolate tastings, and the opportunity to watch chocolatiers at work through huge windows in the shop.

Pollard Park

Blenheim’s gorgeous go-to garden is the local favourite, Pollard Park. This park features 26ha of gardens and wooded parkland, including rose gardens, a floral garden, the rhododendron dell, the scented garden, playgrounds, and a croquet course.

Wither Hills

Wither Hills Farm Park is a working farm in southern Blenheim with some spectacular views of the surrounding hills, vineyards, and town. With a number of walking tracks of varying lengths, and a dedicated mountain bike park, you’ll have plenty to do.

Visit the Museum

The Marlborough Museum is an excellent place to get an introduction to Blenheim and the Marlborough region. You can learn all about the region’s history as New Zealand’s earliest settlement, as well as the story of NZ’s largest wine-making region, and much more.

Dodson Beer

The Dodson Street Beer Garden is famous in Blenheim for boasting the largest selection of craft beers in New Zealand. The menu is influenced by German, Italian, and Kiwi cuisine to suit whatever you’re feeling like. Plus, there are plenty of cool seating areas, including the discounted “worst seat in the house”.

Aviation Centre

Here you can learn all about the evolution of aviation, as well as hear stories from some of the first pilots to fly. You’ll also get the chance to see vintage aircraft from the world wars in a display of rare and replica aircraft, set in scenes by Sir Peter Jackson, Wingnut Films, and Weta Studios.

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