Load Up the RV and Leash Up – It’s Time for a Camping Trip – DogEtiquette.info

Load Up the RV and Leash Up – It’s Time for a Camping Trip – DogEtiquette.info

Written by Aurora

Whoever combined the love of the outdoors with the comforts of home was a genius, and an RV is the perfect way to do it. Since an RV is your home away from home, it would make sense that your dog would come along too, right? Before he bounds on board, make sure you’re prepared for a camping trip with Fido using the helpful resources below.


  • Make sure your pet is physically ready for an outdoor excursion – Is he old enough? Too old? Vaccinated? Injured?
  • Check for ticks and Injuries
  • Know the signs of heatstroke and have a plan for treating it


  • Check the weather
  • Research dog friendly campsites and know the regulations
  • Pack a bag of supplies for your dog – water, food, snacks, waste retrieval bags, a lead.
  • Be aware of potential dangers – wildlife, bodies of water, dangerous plants, waterborne pathogens, cliffs (on trails)
  • Touch up on obedience training


  • A dog pack – make sure it fits properly and get him used to wearing it before the trip
  • A leash and lighted collar/harness
  • Camping bed for you dog
  • Water and food containers

Now that you know how to keep your pooch safe on your camping excursion, it’s time to gas up and hit the road. Don’t forget the s’mores and the treats!

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Hitting the road with your pet is one of the best experience. Your RV Lifestyle also shares some great tips for full-time RVing with a dog. And, don’t forget – you can rent your own RV direct from owners with Mighway! Some vehicles are pet friendly, and if it’s not specified, you can always ask!