Five Days of Activities South of Auckland

Five Days of Activities South of Auckland

Written by mighway

Looking for something to do this weekend? Got some time off and planning entertainment nearby? You don’t even have to leave Auckland to find something fun to do! Whether you’re looking for action and adventure, or some casual family friendly entertainment, there’s definitely something in easy reach. Here are seven awesome activities to enjoy, south of the city:

Action Adventure

Engaging in some fast-paced action adventure of your own with these adrenaline filled activities:

  • OceanXtreme Kite Surfing

Manukau Harbour is home to a thrilling action adventure activity that will leave you wanting more game-style action of your own. A short 40-minute drive from central Auckland brings you to the harbour. Here you will enjoy water activity at its best as you learn how to kite surf. The water is some of the most beautiful colours you could imagine and one of the hottest spots in Auckland. Your kite surfing adventure takes place in water that ranges from knee deep to chest high as you skate across the water surface with the power of the wind.

  • Rocket Ropes

Aim high with an afternoon of fun at Rocket Ropes that promises to delight the entire family. There are two rope climbing courses to travel across that offer four different difficulty levels and feature a giant swing and 12m long drop jump. Younger children will enjoy a moderate climbing course ideal for children six years old and younger. It is the perfect place to leave your worries on the ground and see how far the strength of your arms and legs can take you.

  • Lock n Load Paintball

Spending an afternoon engaging in a paintball fight with family and friends will leave you feeling as if you are participating in the archery events of the World Games. The action- packed adventure gives you the chance to navigate several different courses that feature themes such as Wild West, UFO Landing, and Graveyard, while trying to shoot targets on the opposing team. Younger children under the age of 11 can enjoy a junior paintball field version or play a few rounds of laser tag.

Outdoor Adventures

Each of these activities pushes your physical limitations while letting you enjoy the sunshine and warm temperatures that make Auckland famous.

  • Natural High Cycle Hire and Tours

See Auckland from the viewpoint of residents who make a home here. A bicycle tour allows you to become one with nature while learning about the rich history that makes Auckland a stunning place to visit. Tour guides take great pride in showing off their city while making sure you are comfortable on a bicycle that they select for you. They are available to ride as long as you like while showing you vineyards, mountains, beaches, and much more.

  • Auckland Botanical Gardens

Spending an afternoon amongst some of the most beautiful plants and outdoor sculptures that Auckland offers will be both relaxing and entertaining. Here you will find natural New Zealand plants with mixtures of exotic foliage residing next to serene lakes. Stroll through the award-winning Potter Children’s Garden before enjoying a picnic lunch in the centre of the gardens.

Family Fun

Enjoy some quality time by taking the family for one of the many activities that will make memories to last a lifetime.

  • Butterfly Creek

Become one with some of the most beautiful creatures Auckland has to offer when you visit the home for New Zealand’s only salt water crocodiles. Watch colourful butterflies float in the air while other reptiles walk around in their natural habitat. Spend some time on the playground before taking a train ride to the Dinosaur Kingdom.

  • Up-Close Farm Experience

Get up-close and personal with majestic farm animals through a guided tour that lets you feed and pet the animals as you wish. Imagine the squeals of delight as goats eat from your hand and your family members learn how to milk a cow. You and the family will come in contact with turtles, rabbits, Scottish Highland cattle, alpacas and more in an adventure that will last a lifetime.

If you’re planning a holiday, skip making a hotel reservation and rent a campervan instead. It provides travel accommodations wherever your Auckland adventure takes you and is always standing by when you need a bit of relaxation before taking off on another adventure-filled activity. It will be liking having the comforts of home along for the ride.