5 Reasons to Tailgate in an RV

5 Reasons to Tailgate in an RV

Written by mighway

All fans know that the real party is out in the parking lot, tailgating! And an RV takes the tailgate party to a whole new level! Plus, it makes following your team around so much easier, giving you the home field advantage, no matter how far Away you go!

Here are some of our favourite reasons to go tailgating in an RV!

Cooking is just as easy!

The fully equipped kitchen you get in an RV mean you have everything you need to cook all your favourite dishes, plus you can plug in any appliances you need. You won’t have to rely on a cooler full of melting ice to keep things cold, with a fridge right there in your RV!

No more lines!

No longer will you have to wait in line for a Porta Potty, as you’ll have your own, clean bathroom! Plus, at the end of the day everyone else is stuck in traffic going home, you can continue the party or relax in your RV!

Easy shelter!

On a hot summer day, your RV awning will provide relief from the hot sun, and it’s easy to escape into a cool, air-conditioned RV. And if the weather turns, you’ve got shelter from the rain and wind, with plenty of seating inside to get everyone together.


Whether plugged in or using your generator, an RV means you’ve got easy access to electricity if you need it. From running the game on TV, turning the AC on, or even just keeping your phone charged, your RV’s got you covered.

You can bring everything with you!

RVs provide all the storage space you need to haul around your things! From smaller things like folding chairs and tables, your cooler and entertainment, and even your grill, your RV has space for all of that and much more!

Tailgating in an RV is so much easier! Plus, it’s an awesome excuse to go on vacation with family and friends in accommodation you can take anywhere you want to go! Rent your own private RV direct from owners with Mighway, and let the journey unfold!