Don’t Miss These 3 Attractions Around Rotorua

Don’t Miss These 3 Attractions Around Rotorua

Written by mighway

Nowhere combines adrenalin, relaxation and culture better than the geothermal hotspot of Rotorua. Less than three hours drive from Auckland, bubbling hot pools, geysers and lakes make it seem like a whole world away. . You’ll know you’re there by the smell of sulfur, an ever-present feature of Rotorua thanks to the geothermal activity. While you’re there, make sure to experience these three great activities.

Rotorua Maori Culture Experience at Tamaki Maori Village

The Rotorua Maori Culture Experience at Tamaki Maori Village is an excellent way to immerse yourself in Maori culture and learn all you can about it.  This is over a three-hour experience where you will get to learn about traditions, art, and the ancient rituals of the Maori.  You will also get to enjoy a three-course meal at the buffet dinner feast.  This is an educational and interactive experience where you can get to see a living village that makes it seem as though you’ve gone back in time.  This village represents what a Maori village would’ve been like before the Europeans came to New Zealand.  A huge highlight is getting the chance to eat a traditional hangi meal that is not to be missed during your trip to this country.  You should bring along a jacket and wear sturdy footwear for your experience.  Picture taking is encouraged during your visit, as well.

Waitomo Caves

Unique glowing worms abound.  Yes, you read that right.  There are cool little glowworms that are native to New Zealand that live within the Waitomo Caves, ready for you to go exploring.  There are a variety of ways that you can experience the Waitomo Caves.  You can walk and explore the caverns and limestone shafts, and even take a boat ride through a grotto where a bunch of the little glowworms live.  Want a little more adventure during your trip to Waitomo Caves?  You can have it with activities like blackwater rafting.  This is perfect for people of all ages to do with the selection of activities.  This attraction is also a great choice because you have the chance to stay dry or get wet depending on the activities that you decide you want to participate in while visiting.  This is one attraction that requires you to leave your camera behind because of the fragile ecosystem that you’ll be visiting.   

Railcruising in Self-Drive Rail Cars

Last, but not least, is Railcruising.  This unique and inventive way of seeing the countryside is rather new.  You can travel along the railway in a four-seat railway vehicle, the RailCruiser.  This little vehicle is fully automated with comfortable seats, unobstructed windows perfect for picture taking, waterproof sides, and a heater making it comfortable no matter the weather.  Your cruiser will go from Mamaku Railway Station to Tarukenga Railway Station and back along the railroad.  You will travel at about 20 kilometers per hour, which equates to a little over 12 miles per hour, while listening to an audio tour.  Safety is no concern as the computer will control how fast or how slow your RailCruiser is traveling in relation to other RailCruisers in front of you.  There is also a brake and a horn in case of emergency with safety training occurring before your trip.  Expect your trip to take about an hour and a half.    

Hot Traveling Option With Campervans

Traveling through Rotorua and other parts of the country will be much easier by campervan.  This is the perfect option to provide flexibility to your traveling plans, along with convenience and comfort.  Your campervan rental will be like getting a hotel room, car rental, storage unit, and meal reservations all rolled up into one.  You cam camp where you’d like and not have to worry about making a reservation during a time that is sure to be swamped with all the other visitors that are coming for the World Masters Games. 

Plus, you may find that you are having so much fun in one area that you want to stay an extra day or two before moving on to the next destination.  With your campervan, you have that option since you won’t have to worry about canceling hotel reservations.  Most campervans are roomy for everyone to fit comfortably and offer extra storage space so you don’t feel so cramped with having all your things in one room.  Once you’ve tried out a campervan, you’re sure to want to use one for all of your upcoming getaways.

You are not going to want to miss these three attractions in Rotorua. Don’t think that you have to stop with just these three as there are many great places for you to visit and things to do while staying in this area.  Be sure to check out as many as you can to make the most of your time in this beautiful country.