Top 10 Things to Do in Oamaru – Part Two

Top 10 Things to Do in Oamaru – Part Two
Rachel Simpson

Written by Rachel Simpson

Whether your are a first-time visitor, or you are a born and raised New Zealander, Oamaru is a true treasure in the country. It’s a small town in the Waitaki district of New Zealand. There are historical buildings, beautiful crystal blue beaches, quirky culture and many natural landmarks. Let’s explore some of the fun things you can do while visiting Oamaru.

The Steampunk HQ

The Steampunk HQ is another fantastic attraction in Oamaru. There, they feature retro, science fiction, blast from the past, futuristic sculptures, artwork, movies, and sounds. It’s a love letter to the science fiction genre and to steam powered technology. The flavor of the museum is a futuristic 19th century Victorian England. It features artwork, concepts, sculptures and designs of a world stuck in the past but pushing for a bizarre future. The museum is open daily from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., and the admission prices are $10  for adults, $2 for children and $20 for families.

Victorian Precinct

The Victorian Precinct, which is located on the blocks of Harbor and Tyne street, features the best preserved Victorian buildings in New Zealand. It’s known as a place for all the trendy, crazy and freaky style of Oamaru and is also a nice shopping district. During the daytime, they have quirky bookstores, antique shops, galleries, vintage clothing, gifts, trinkets and art studios. At night they have bars and restaurants, and every once in a while you might see a penguin waddling down the street! Sunday is the best day to visit the precinct because Oamaru’s Farmer’s Market will be bursting with the town’s best!

A Day For Fishing

Oamaru is right near the Pacific Ocean and also has many rivers running through and nearby the town. If you enjoy a nice day out on the water catching fish, this is the place to be! The town has fly fishing, surfing and ocean fishing advantages, so you can pick your fancy. Pen-y-bryn will provide fishing guides to help you find the local catch so you can be successful on your trip for the day.

Japanese Food in Oamaru

Piggy backing off of fishing, if you are looking for delicious Japanese food in Oamaru, then Midori is the restaurant that you want to try out. They serve sashimi, sushi and other fresh local seafood. There dishes are carefully constructed to be as tasty as possible, and they have a variety of soups and bento boxes. Don’t forget to check them out!

Whitestone Cheese Factory

Oamaru is world renowned for it’s award-winning artisan cheeses. The Whitestone Cheese Factory is an institution within the city. It also has a cafe that features a lot of its cheese platters, specialty cheese scones, crackers and quince paste. This is one food experience you won’t want to miss!

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