Meet Local Owner, Bruce Jefferies, from Wanaka!

Meet Local Owner, Bruce Jefferies, from Wanaka!

Written by mighway

There is no doubt that Wanaka is renowned as one of New Zealand’s picture perfect destinations! Fortunately,  the Mighway team had the opportunity to meet with Local Owner, Bruce Jefferies, and book his caravan for the filming of their first Wanaka episode, from their On the Road Recipes series.

Upon picking up the vehicle, the team met with Bruce and got to know a little more about him as a local owner and his experience with Mighway. Bruce’s caravan was luxurious, compact and extremely well presented and while the team got to catch up, they were able to ask him a few questions to share with like-minded Mighway owners and guests looking to book a vehicle with Mighway.  So, keep scrolling to read our first interview with Bruce, below.

1 What do you do for a living?

I am a consultant and I work in Protected Area and Conservation Planning and Management mainly in South East Asia but also in New Zealand.

2 How did you become interested in motorhome experiences?

It all began when the team at Mighway contacted me through the Motorhome and Caravan Association when they first launched. They explained the process which was very simple, making the experience of signing up easy.

3 When did you decide to start renting your motorhome with Mighway & why?

We joined with Mighway in 2016 and saw plenty of opportunities such as earning an extra income to cover any overheads associated with the van. It was also provided opportunities for potential guests to get outdoors and use the caravan for travel and recreational activities.

5 What are the biggest benefits of renting your vehicle?

As locals of Wanaka, we knew that renting out our vehicle would help accommodate with booming tourism travellers throughout the Queenstown and Wanaka region.

6 With the extra cash, what have you been able to do?

With the bookings we’ve had, we’ve been able to use this income to pay for the running of the vehicle, with things such as the COF, WOF and vehicle registration.

7 Why do you love guests staying in your motorhomes?

We love families and travellers enjoying Wanaka as much as we do. We enjoy giving advice and guidance to guests so they can make the most of their time, exploring the best that Wanaka has to offer.

10 What feedback have you had from guests?

The feedback has been really positive. We’ve had guests wanting to book the vehicle again during Summer. This is really great for us, which is means securing potential, future bookings.

11 Are there any tips you have for existing Mighway owners, or for owners wanting to join?

Mighway is a really useful business model, that motorhome owners should take the opportunity of, to make the most use of their vehicle. It’s a great way to meet and connect with different people. You’ll enjoy sharing your experiences, guidance and seeing people enjoy the best of what your hometown and region has to offer.

Watch the short clip below to learn more about Bruce’s experience with Mighway and how his caravan collects cash, not dust.

If you’re keen on listing your own motorhome with Mighway or want to find out more info, contact us on You’ll be able to earn some extra income while you give others an opportunity to enjoy a holiday experience unlike any other!