Unique Places to Visit in NorCal

Unique Places to Visit in NorCal
Rachel Simpson

Written by Rachel Simpson

If you’re planning on traveling to Northern California in the near future, then you’ve come to the right place to help plan out your trip! The following are some of the more unique places you’re going to find in Northern California and you need to make sure you check these out on your next trip!

Black Chasm Caverns

This particular gem is located in Amador County and, as you might have figured out from the name, this is a cavern that you’re able to go into and explore! The only way to go down there is through one of the tours offered, but it’s truly an amazing sight to see, thanks to the many and varied rock formations.

Indian Grinding Rock State Park

Once again, as you might figure out from the name, this is literally just a giant rock that was previously used by Indians in the area to help grind their food. Not very often do you get the chance to see a massive rock in the ground like this one, so definitely check it out when you can, especially if you’re visiting Black Chasm.

Fish Hatchery

This attraction in Del Norte County is only about 15 minutes away from the California and Oregon border and it is a fish hatchery open to the public that allows you to observe the entire lifecycle of a fish. During the day, you can take tours where you can learn  how everything works and why the fish hatchery is so important.

Forestiere Underground Gardens

Similar to the caverns that were mentioned above, this is another option to check out that allows you to go underground and visit a historical set of different caves created back in the 1900’s. These caves were typically used to help cool off and get away from the scorching heat in the summer.

Kentucky Mine Museum

This is a great option for anybody looking to do something a little bit different because this is one of the best maintained mines that you will find in California. It is a massive four-story tall building and it has a belt system that still works to this day. Additionally, there are a lot of bats living in some parts of it so you may be able to see some of those as well.

Here’s a map to help you get your bearings:

As you can see, there is no shortage of things to do when you head to Northern California and you won’t be bored for your next trip! These are some of the most highly recommended places that we’ve found and we know you’ll love stopping at them on your next trip!

Now that you know where to go, book your trip with Mighway, and let the journey unfold!