Top 5 California Craft Breweries

Top 5 California Craft Breweries

Written by mighway

They call California the Golden State for a reason, but that wasn’t because of the color of its local beers. That’s changing now because of the growing trend of award-winning craft breweries. Here are five of California’s best:

Barrelhouse Brewing Co.

Barrelhouse Brewing Co.:

This brewery was started up by three friends who just aren’t in it for the fame. They brew beers that they like to drink, and that others will, too… just maybe not stuffy competition judges. It may seem a little bit out of place in the middle of San Luis Obispo County’s wine country, but not too much. The surrounding landscape makes for a relaxing venue in which to try their substantial variety of flavorful brews.

The Bruery

The Bruery:

For the Rue family, the name of the game is experimentation. They look to all kinds of sources from around the world, like lavender and Mexican mole, to inspire and create the flavor of their next award-winning barrel-aged ale. Located in Orange County and open for daily sampling, with tours available on the weekends, this innovative brewery is definitely worth a visit.

Eel River Brewing Co.

Eel River Brewing Co.:

Based in a former lumber mill in the heart of Humboldt County, and overlooking the sparkling waters of its namesake river, this brewery is all about delivering a unique and flavorful organic brew while upholding environmentally sustainable practices. If you’ve ever thought about how much you’d like to drink to Earth Day (or if you haven’t, and just want to try a piney, citrusy double IPA brewed especially for the occasion), then this is the place to go.

El Segundo Brewing Company

El Segundo Brewing Company:

Located conveniently close to Los Angeles International Airport, and situated in a hip neighborhood with an abundance of nearby dining options, this small-but-popular brewery focuses on freshness. They distribute to retailers throughout Southern California, but insist on getting their beers in and out of stores within 6 weeks, and they definitely never leave them on the shelf over 90 days.

Sierra Nevada

Sierra Nevada:

The best for last? Maybe. These folks know what they’re doing. Sierra Nevada has been brewing in Chico since 1980, and they’ve gotten big for getting so good. This is the home of the original American Pale Ale that has inspired so many others. Don’t let their size and popularity fool you- this is still a craft brewery with a passion for the highest quality brews and a sustainable operation. The taproom features farm-fresh food, the rooftop is covered with a solar array, and there is a hop farm right next door.

Now that you know the best spots in California, Make sure you check out one of these great breweries when you park up your RV for the night!