Eat your way through NZ with the best ice creams!

Eat your way through NZ with the best ice creams!

Written by mighway

New Zealanders love their ice cream! They are among the largest consumers of ice cream in the world, surpassing the United States and Australia. Using the only finest ingredients arising from clean air and an advanced dairy industry, New Zealand’s ice cream is like no other. So while here savour some of the finest New Zealand has to offer.


When travelling to Wellington be sure to make a stop at Kaffee Eis, known for its flavours of gelato. You can of course, choose from perennial favourites such as chocolate and strawberry, but why not treat yourself to Christmas pudding, biscotti or a healthy dollop of black doris. Be advised this place is standing room only.


Auckland offers several choice parlours. At Giapo it is all about the hand decorated cones. Chocolate dipped cones are artistically decorated with hand-written messages. Toppings range from gold dusted hazelnuts, macaroons or wafers to marshmallow swirls. Well worth the hour wait.

Founded in 1973, Ollies boasts that their menu hasn’t deviated too much over the years. Why change a good thing? Enjoy favourites such as sundaes and the ever popular banana splits. And while you are there take in the nostalgic charm.

Using only natural ingredients and situated on the waterfront at Wynyard Quarter, Gelatiamo is an award winner in the region. Take a taste of the winners; the banana gelato or the grapefruit sorbet.


Christchurch is the home of The Berry Shop and Cafe. Their name says it all, as they are famous for their use of berries from the surrounding countryside. Indulge in berry infused ice cream. Find them scattered in the sweet cream, filling the center or swirled into a waffle cone.

Visit the duck themed parlor, Duck Duck. Located adjacent to the children’s pool and playground at the Botanical Gardens, treat your tastebuds to the massive double scoop cones. The parlor also offers other delights to feed hungry little mouths, including the ducks!

Sumner Ice Cream Parlor located at the beach in Sumner, scoops up cones to the tourists and locals. Enjoy the 16 flavors, including the popular English toffee.


Amid bustling Queenstown you’ll find Patagonia Chocolates. Do not be fooled by the name, there is some serious ice cream delights here. There are over 20 varieties of frozen yoghurt, sorbet and ice cream. Not to be missed however, are those brimming with chocolate such as the mocha cream or dark chocolate macadamia.


If you are looking for quantity visit Renall Street Store and Lotto, located in Masterton. You will not only be amazed by the taste but the size of the towering cones. Add yourself to their “wall of fame” by posing with your creation. Their latest champion is a ten-scooper!


The new kid on the block is I Scream For Ice Cream located in Feilding. Treat yourself to one of more than the 40 varieties. Favorites include cookies and cream and the salted caramel and cashew nut.

Well by now you should be craving some of New Zealand’s frosty treats! Tiki tour your way through NZ in a Mighway Motorhome and be sure to get that summer ice cream fix!