Discover Arthur’s Pass & the Great Alpine Highway

Discover Arthur’s Pass & the Great Alpine Highway

Written by mighway

Arthur’s Pass is a key link between east and west, but it is also known for its immense natural beauty, and rare flora and fauna. The Park provides both a sanctuary for plant and bird life, and a place for both mental and physical recreation. Since becoming a National Park in 1929, Arthur’s Pass has gained a worldwide reputation for alpine recreation, as well as for its stunning natural history. If you are participating or spectating in the Coast to Coast multisports championships, then this is the perfect itinerary for you.

Why not make the most of your stay exploring this Arthur’s Pass and the surrounding regions. A three-day, breathtaking trip from coast-to-coast in New Zealand is a great start for your trip, and defines the Great Alpine Highway. So free style your way in a campervan and check out the scenic views of the Southern Alps and the nearby regions.


The South Island’s largest city, Christchurch, calls adventurers to explore a mix of history and contemporary culture. Old English gardens, pop-up bars and container-based shopping malls dot the city. Traversing a punt (a fl

at-bottomed boat) down the Avon River, touring the island on a Segway and enjoying the Port Hills by bike provide entertainment for the active. Sumner Beach and the French colonial settlement of Akaroa provide still more diverse opportunities. Christchurch is a great place to start your journey. You can fly in and pick up a motorhome from our RV Supercenter, right by Christchurch International Airport, or a local owner in the area. To kick start your itinerary, we recommend Michael’s 6 Berth Mercedes from $245 p/day, your summer holiday is waiting for you!


Immense limestone rocks spread across the landscape bring to mind a stone castle of old, now in pieces. Magnificent to view, the imposing boulders also draw rock climbers. On your trip, you may just see an adventurer or two attempting the climb. Perhaps you would be brave enough to try it yourself.


The national park of Arthur’s Pass provides a feast for the eyes and an adventure for the heart. On the east side of the park, magnificent riverbeds and patches of beech forest reign. The western side takes you through dense rainforests and beautiful, gorged rivers. This highest pass across the Southern Alps hosts the alpine parrot or kea and other New Zealand animal life. And, if you have time for more adventure, hiking, mountaineering, skiing and snowboarding allow you to see the beauty of New Zealand up close and personal.


The final stop on the trip lands you on the wild West Coast. Spectacular sites and adventure await you. The most visited natural attraction on the West Coast remains the Pancake Rocks. Salty sea water bursts through holes in eroded limestone that look like pancakes. If you pull your eyes from the glorious spray long enough, you may see dolphins playing in the sea beyond this formation. Also, Franz Josef Glacier provides up close exploration of a massive ice form. Low altitude and sea level reach make this site easily accessible. Professional guides offer ventures onto the ice for the bold.

Begin your journey to Arthur’s Pass and experience some beautiful sites along the way. We also recommend some campsites in the area, for your stay:

We also have a short clip from our “On the Road” series, where intrepid host, Tim, shows you a bit of what Arthur’s Pass has to offer:

Now that you have all the tips and things you need to know about your Arthur’s Pass experience, book your own Mighway campervan rental directly from a savvy owner at Summer is a great time to discover the Great Alpine Highway!