Make your own Hāngi while on the road!

Make your own Hāngi while on the road!

Written by mighway

1. Rocks and Wood

The goal here is to create a fire that will get the rocks white hot (around 2-4 hours’ time). Best are long-burning wood and volcanic rocks, which hold heat. (Non-volcanic ones can explode!) Build a wooden structure for the fire, put the rocks inside and ignite. During this preparation, begin soaking clothes or burlap sacks in water for eventually covering the hāngi.

2. The Pit

The size of the hole you dig will depend on the size of the wire basket that will hold the food. The pit has to be only wide and deep enough for the hot rocks and the basket.

3. The Food

While the rocks are heating, prepare the food to go into the basket. Today it is easiest to wrap the different foods in aluminum foil and also line the basket with foil. Place the food that takes longest to cook on the bottom, closest to the fire: meats (poultry, pork, lamb or fish), then add a layer of peeled root vegetables (potatoes, carrots, etc.).

4. “Laying” the Hāngi

Speed is paramount here. The rocks’ heat should not be lost. Taking care not to get burned, use the shovel to move the rocks from the fire into the nearby pit. Spray water on the rocks or throw in soaked greenery to create steam. Cover the sides of the pit with wet cloths, then quickly lower in the basket. Adding a little more water down the side is OK. Next, begin covering the basket with layers of wet cloths to stop dirt from getting in and to begin the steaming process. Finish by covering the pit with the dirt reserved from digging. Cover spots where you see steam escaping.

5. The Uncovering

After about three hours, carefully remove the dirt to expose the cloths; then, remove the cloths; lastly, the basket. The aromas of the succulent, steamed foods will assure you your wait has been worthwhile.

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Unwrap the food and set it out. Now…sit and savour the one-of-a-kind feast you’ve created. With these Hangi tips you’ll be able to make your own Hangi and experience our great Kiwi culture! So, get amongst the fun this summer and book your next roadie with Mighway