Things to do in Taumarunui!

Things to do in Taumarunui!

Written by mighway

On the North Island of New Zealand in King country you can find a wonderful small town called Taumarunui just off of highway 4 known for its rich Māori culture and beautiful scenery . Tamaurunui’s name comes from the Māori words taumaru and nui roughly meaning ‘big screen’ referencing it as a screen from the sun as the area features sheltered areas prime for kumara growth. Taumarunui is known for its warmer summers than other areas on the North Island, but its sheltered areas helps keep visitors cool.

When visiting Taumarunui there is a large number of activities available for visitors, especially along the Whanganui River.

Kayaking and Canoeing

Take a direct path down the Whanganui River, New Zealand’s third largest river, on a kayak or a canoe. You go for just a day, or take a trip as long as 5 days with a guide. Experience a wild ride on the rapids, or take more leisurely strolls along the river with overnight camping. You’ll head out as a group and be able to meet new people during your stay. Try visiting Blazing Paddles to see rates and book your own tour.


The Whanganui River features great trout fishing with both brown and rainbow trout. The headwaters provide some of New Zealand’s best fishing, and you can eat what you catch. The area allows for both fly fishing and spin fishing, with the recommended lure being nymphs.


Rent a jet ski or jet boat and take an adrenaline-packed ride. You’ll be able to see the photogenic coastline, and explore gorgeous lakes and still see the Whanganui River. There’s nothing quite like the excitement of fast-paced boating and skiing, and it can provide fun for the whole family. To rent either a jet ski or jet boat, check out Taumarunui Jet Tours, a family owned business on the Main Trunk Line.



There are a number of cycle rentals around Taumarunui, one of the premier being Epic Cycle which allows you to follow the Timber Trail. It features premium mountain biking trails with varying grades of difficulty along over 86 km. Following the trails there is lodging and other sights to see, and you’ll be able to travel along the beautifully sheltered terrain. Explore Whanganui National Park
The park itself is built around the upper reaches of the Whanganui River and has a distinctive landscape. You can find great views along the slopes and ridges right alongside dense cover from lowland forestry and flora. The park is especially a treat for birdwatching, with Kaka and yellow-crowned parakeets and brown kiwis. The whio, otherwise known as the blue duck is also a protected species there that can be seen.

There’s plenty of great things to discover and experience in this beautiful region. Book your next roadie with Mighway to Taumarunui and get adventurous!