Hamurana Springs Rotorua

Hamurana Springs Rotorua
Sonia Kumar

Written by Sonia Kumar

The Hamurana Springs are a collection of springs on site in Hamurana and consists of multiple springs that vary in size, with the biggest spring being the Hangarua Spring. If you’re looking to find a perfect place to visit that will provide peaceful and calming scenery along with breath-taking views and unique experiences, then Hamurana Springs may be the perfect choice for you.

Hangarua Spring

The Hangarua Spring is located 920 feet above sea level and is around 50 feet deep. It produces about 4 million litres of water per hour. The water comes out at a rather consistent temperature of approximately 10 degrees Celsius, or about 50 degrees Fahrenheit. In addition, all of the water produced is crystal clear, making this a must-see place during your visit. The rock around the spring is volcanic rock, and the spring water travels through underground aquifers and takes about 70 years to reach it’s destination!

Dancing Sands Spring

While smaller than the Hangarua Spring, the Dancing Sands Spring is one of the more unique springs on-site and it get’s it’s namesake from the sand on the bottom of the spring. The emerging water on the bottom of the spring causes the sand to move and look as if it is dancing.

Hamurana Stream

In addition to other areas of springs, it also flows as a stream for about one kilometer, where it eventually meets up with Lake Rotorua. The stream is filled with rainbow trout in the summer time as they prefer the cool temperature that the spring water offers.

Hamurana Springs Track

The Hamurana Springs Track is one of the most popular destinations and provides a peaceful area to enjoy the scenery and clear spring water that runs into Lake Rotorua. This particular spring track is suitable for all ages and is one of the easiest paths to walk. This is a perfect option for families to spend some time picnicking as there are several picture-perfect picnic area.

Begin your journey to Hamurana Springs, and check out some great sights to see in the area:

As you can tell, Hamurana Springs is the perfect destination for anyone looking to relax and enjoy a peaceful and calming vacation experience. Whether you’re looking to take a day trip somewhere or you’re wanting a prolonged vacation experience, Hamurana Springs offers exactly what you’re looking for!