Visit the Historic and Mystical Redwoods Forest

Visit the Historic and Mystical Redwoods Forest
Sonia Kumar

Written by Sonia Kumar

If you are looking for a great place to visit in New Zealand, you should consider the Redwoods Forest. This historic area that comprises 5600 hectares of land offers several recreational activities and  also provides the opportunity  for people to commune with nature by viewing several different species of exotic trees and other natural flora and fauna of the area, lakes, thermal areas, and the city centre. Keep reading to see everything this forest has to offer.

Exploring the land

The area is well known for its several mountain bike trails and walking tracks that are available for the public to use. These are great ways for outdoor enthusiasts to discover the area. Travelling along these paths is a great way to view the enormous Redwoods for which the area is also known. These trees also help to create the unique atmosphere of the area.

Horse Trails

Another great way to travel through the forest is on horseback. There are four different horse trails ranging in travel time from 30 minutes to five hours. Whichever trail you choose to take, you will be sure to have a magnificent ride through the forest.


It is not just the redwoods that make this forest interesting and alluring. There are many other types of flora and fauna that inhabit the area that are also worth coming to see. The redwoods combine to make a canopy that supplies a shaded area to other species such as ferns, shrubs, flowers, and fungi.


The forest is also home to many species of wildlife. There are several different varieties of land animals as well as birds who live among the trees. Visitors must be vigilant in their search for these animals, as they have a natural tendency to blend into their environment and can often be hard to detect. Watchful visitors might have the opportunity to see animals such as tomtits, chaffinches, waxeyes, and fantails.

Start planning your road trip from Auckland to Rotorua’s Redwood Forest with some nice stops along the way:

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Places to stay

If you are looking for some place convenient to stay, we recommend the Blue Lake Top 10 Holiday Park. If you are looking for some other options, there are  plenty of other great Holiday Parks in the area as well. 

Rotorua Accommodation Options

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