Campsite by the Waitawheta River

Campsite by the Waitawheta River
Jason Nockels

Written by Jason Nockels

Dickey Flat Camping Ground is a very large camp site located next to Waitawheta River in New Zealand. There is lots to do and see for you and the whole family!

Waitawheta river

You can walk, hike, mountain bike, and swim at Dickey Flat. Plus, there’s lots of gold-mining history to explore, and the Waihi township is only about a ten-minute drive away, where you can get all kinds of amenities and go to the beach. There’s so much to enjoy.

The camping grounds are right next to Waitawheta River, so you’ll be able to fish and swim there. This river is known for its great trout, so if you’re into fishing, you’ll love this location! The scenery is just beautiful, with so much greenery around and peaceful water. You’ll feel content and at ease at this gorgeous location.

There are swimming holes down the river, away from the fishing area. You can feel safe in the water, as it is very clean. It’s a fun time for both parents and kids!

The campsite provides access to a variety of short walks and overnight tramps that feature historic mining and logging remains. So not only will going to Dickey Flat be a peaceful, relaxing getaway, but you will be introduced to some history and New Zealand heritage as well! What could be better?

Crown track

Fees for Dickey Flat vary depending on your age. For adults who are 18 years and older it is $6 per night, for children between ages five and 17 it is $3 per night, and for babies under the age of four, it is free. These are very reasonable rates that are accommodating for basically anyone.

Dickey Flat also allows dogs at their camping grounds. You just have to keep your dog on a leash at all times.

Depending on what you intend on doing while at Dickey Flat, there are a number of things you should bring. If you intend on camping a lot, make sure to bring a tent and adequate camping supplies so you will be prepared. Make sure to bring hiking shoes and if you are into mountain biking, bring your bike! You don’t want to miss out on any of the great activities at Dickey Flat.

Overall, this camping site is a great location for the whole family, and you’ll be sure to love it! You will be surrounded by nature and will feel right at home.

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