New Plymouth to Hawera: A Surfer’s Dream

New Plymouth to Hawera: A Surfer’s Dream
Jason Nockels

Written by Jason Nockels

There’s so many different extreme sport activities that visitors want to explore when coming to New Zealand, but surfing will always be the classic adrenaline rush sport. Those that want to experience the best surfing that the country has to offer should look into traveling State Highway 45 that runs between New Plymouth and Hawera. This highway happens to also be known as the Surf Highway 45, so you know that it’s going to offer some epic surf locations along the way. However, if not all of your party is into surfing, that’s okay too, as there’s plenty of non-surfing activities to find along this way.

Beaches in New Plymouth

There’s a few beaches in New Plymouth that can get your surf vacation off to a great start. Fitzroy Beach is known for having hollow waves. Back Beach is located right by Sugar Loaf Marine Park and offers some swells that are perfect for hanging ten. You never know what critters might be taking advantage of the waves with you to make for a memorable surf session.

Beaches in Oakura

The next hot surfing spot on the highway is Oakura. There are several beaches in Oakura where you can try to tackle the waves. There’s Oakura Beach, Ahu Ahu, Weld Road, Komene Beach and Kumera Patch. Kumera Patch is a pretty famous surf spot, but you need to ask for permission to get to it as you have to cross private property to get arrive at the surf. If you’ve got a birdwatcher or beginner surfer in your group, Komene Beach is the surf spot you want to hit. You can see seagulls, ducks, black swans, oystercatchers and more at this beach while experiencing the small gentle waves at the south end of the beach.

Beaches in Opunake

Surfers have several surf spots to check out in Opunake. There’s Stent Road, Green Meadows, Dumps, Mungas, and Arawhata Road. Many of these spots are pretty close to town, so you won’t be too far off the beaten path.

Beaches in Hawera

On this final leg of the surf highway, there’s still plenty of surfing opportunities. Kaupokanui Beach and Ohawe Beach are there for you. Ohawe Beach is about 10 minutes from Hawera, so you can always stock up on supplies, and head back out for a day of surfing, swimming, and fishing.

For surfers, your travels are not complete without exploring along Surf Highway 45. There’s so many different spots that you can stop and catch some waves while visiting this area along with making memories at some fun attractions that you can’t miss. The amazing waves and fun activities are going to make this a vacation to remember.

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