3-Day Motorhome Itinerary for the Forgotten World Highway

3-Day Motorhome Itinerary for the Forgotten World Highway
Jason Nockels

Written by Jason Nockels

A true adventure waits for anyone who is visiting this majestic country.  One problem that some people may find is that there are just too many different things to do while in the country, and that’s it’s hard to narrow down your choices when there are so many.  Never fear, this three-day motorhome itinerary to follow the Forgotten World Highway is one option that you should look into while planning your journey.    

Forgotten World Highway

The Forgotten World Highway, also known as Highway 43, travels between Taumarunui and Stratford is about 150 kilometers or a little over 93 miles.  While this stretch of highway may be rather short, there are a lot of things packed into it that you can experience during your journey.  This highway is rather remote and provides an almost roller coaster-like ride for visitors traveling along it since it’s squeezed up against the rugged landscape.  This includes a stretch of road that is composed of unsealed gravel.  You will travel along a one-lane tunnel that can be described as eerie, a picturesque river gorge, and four mountain saddles.  You will want to try to plan at least a three-day route along this path to get the most out of visiting the area. 

Day One

Day one features exploring the area of Taumarunui.  There are plenty of adventures on hand for this day of your trip.  This town is located with two major rivers converging, so there are plenty of activities on the water from relaxing trout fishing to going on a jet boat.  You can also rent a bike and travel along the Timber Trail, or enjoy a game of golf at the Taumarunui Golf Club.  Explore the Whanganui National Park or the Tongariro World Heritage area.  You can even go on a tour from Forgotten World Adventures where you get to go on a self-driving rail cart.

Day Two

Your second day of adventure will be focused on getting to and exploring Whangamomona.  This is a small town, but there is going to be a lot to see and do in the vicinity for your second day of adventure.  You can visit the Nukunuku Museum to see relics from the past, or stop by Lauren’s Lavender Farm to enjoy some lavender-scented items to bring home.  Check out Mount Damper Falls, which is one of the highest waterfalls on the North Island.  Explore the Moki Tunnel that is 180 meters, a little over 590 feet, tall.  There are plenty of wild areas to explore around this town to have an opportunity for a great hike.

Day Three

Your last stop on the Forgotten World Highway is Stratford.  The name might sound a little familiar, and yes, it’s named after the birthplace of Shakespeare.  You may even see some streets named after his famous characters.  You will also not want to miss the clock tower that performs scenes from the famous play “Romeo and Juliet” several times a day.  This is the only glockenspiel clock tower in the country, so be ready for a treat. 

Other adventures include the three-hour hike that goes along a circular path at the Whangamomona Saddle that you can do on your way between Whangamomona and Stratford.  You may also want to stop at the Bridge to Somewhere, which is about 90 minutes from Strathmore.    

Why a Campervan?

Planning your trip in advance means that you are probably going to want to think about accommodations. As with any big event, there is going to be a lack of places to stay if you wait too long.  A campervan is the perfect choice for this adventure.  You can find the perfect place to park during the World Masters Games and, when you’re finished, travel to wherever you’d like without having to worry about booking a room. 

Your kitchen, bed, and bathroom will be right there with you no matter where you go. This allows you to roam freely without worry.  This flexibility is great for traveling along the Forgotten World Highway as you may find that you want to stay in Stratford or Taumarunui for longer than a day. Without having to worry about making reservations, you can play it by ear.  That is the beauty of a campervan.

This three-day trip along the Forgotten World Highway is the perfect opportunity to visit an interesting and adventurous road with lots of fun stops along the way.  Start planning your vacation today to ensure that you can experience everything you want to during your stay.