4 Mighway Fish & Chip Favourites in New Zealand

4 Mighway Fish & Chip Favourites in New Zealand

Written by mighway

New Zealand is famous for their traditionally prepared fish n’ chips dishes. If you are RVing across this majestic country, you simply must take time out of your journey to stop into one of these amazing fish n’ chips restaurants! Get ready to experience fish n’ chips like you’ve never experienced before!

1. The Top Shop – Kaikoura, New Zealand

One of the top fish n’ chips shops listed on Trip Advisor, this relatively small location packs a huge wallop of delicious taste! Stop into The Top Shop and find out why bigger is not always better when it comes to experiencing traditional New Zealand flavors. Join the many other satisfied customers, and help them boost their online presence even more!

2. The Ancient Mariner – Mt. Eden, New Zealand

Climb aboard the tasty menu of The Ancient Mariner, and enjoy the best fish n’ chips dish in the area surrounding Mt. Eden, New Zealand! IF you want to enjoy some of the best fresh caught fish the country has to offer, you must make an effort to stop by this amazing restaurant during your campervan journey across this amazing country. In addition to deliciously crafted, traditional New Zealand style fish n’ chips, the restaurant provides a wide variety of food choices that should please any palette! 

3. Oppie’s Fish N’ Chips Chinese – Rotorua, New Zealand

For a deliciously unique take on traditional New Zealand fish n’ chips dish, Oppie’s Fish N’ Chips Chinese has you covered. Winning many culinary awards for their awesome take on this New Zealand classic, Oppie’s will provide some class for your campervan trip throughout the country. Rotorua has plenty of amazing sights to see, so if you find yourself in the area, be sure to stop in at Oppie’s for a mind-blowing plate of fish n’ chips, unlike you’ve ever had before!

4. Blair’s on the Beach – Piha, New Zealand

One of the greatest beachfront traditions in Piha, Blair’s on the Beach is a great place to stop in for a delicious traditional New Zealand fish n’ chips meal while exploring the beautiful beach scape of this amazing country. For family members not feeling the key dish, the restaurant also offers a wide variety of other satisfying beach food: such as burgers, sammies, ice blocks, ice cream, milkshakes, and delicious specialty drinks.

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