See Tongariro National Park From A Different Perspective

See Tongariro National Park From A Different Perspective
Brian & Noelle

Written by Brian & Noelle

While there’s no doubt the Tongariro Alpine Crossing (or the circuit if you’re feeling up to it!) is the most popular way to experience Tongariro National Park, there is another option.

If you’re looking for a different experience, try a Stand Up Paddle adventure for a completely different perspective. There are a number of reasons you might leave the land and take to the water in Tongariro.

1. A different view

Being up in the mountains is one thing. Looking across the countryside at the mountains from ‘Natty Park’ is another. But gazing across at the towering peaks from the surface of Lake Otamangakau is something completely different. You get a whole new perspective here and trust us; it’s worth every stroke of the paddle.

2. Recovery

If you have been tramping the day before or maybe for a few days before, then a Stand Up Paddle session can be a great, cruise-y way to recover. It’s low impact, works a different set of muscles and if you want to jump in the lake for a swim, there’s nothing stopping you!

3. A unique experience

If conquering Mount Doom wasn’t enough of a feat for you, then how about telling your friends you did New Zealand’s highest guided alpine SUP experience. From the highest peaks to the highest lakes – Ruapehu has it all.

4. The photos

Ah yes, the photos. We all love those impressive road trip snaps and Lake Otamangakau offers some serious photo opportunities. Paddle in hand, gliding along the water like a pro, taking in the views, not a care in the world and all with the peaks of Tongariro National Park in the background. That’s a shot for the wall in our opinion.

Getting out of your motorhome in Tongaririo, there is a wealth of things to do. Think a little outside the box and try something new. This was our first ever SUP experience and what a place to do it. We’ll never forget those views.

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