5 Tips for Campervan Beginners

5 Tips for Campervan Beginners

Written by mighway

Buying a campervan leads to a whole mess of excitement. Hitting the road with loved ones to explore the country can be a whole lot of fun, but also stressful if you’re not properly prepared. Thankfully, the Mighway team has put together this amazing tip list for first timers!

Decide to Buy or Rent Early On

Depending on how often you plan on traveling in a campervan, you may benefit from simply renting as opposed to owning. Perhaps take a short trip in a rented van before investing in a full purchase to ensure that you are truly in love with the activity. Additionally, renting a few times before making a purchase can help you decide on what sort of model you’d like to own! With the big investment you’ll be making, you want to be as prepared and in-the-know as possible.

Don’t be Afraid to Over Pack

While you certainly don’t want to overcrowd your campervan, you will be better off having more than you need than less than you need. Keep yourself well stocked and you will find that your trip ends up being excellent!

Make a Checklist of Supplies

There are a lot of supplies to be brought along, which can make it easy for something crucial to slip you mind. Before even beginning the packing process, make a detailed checklist of your needed materials. After this, double-check your checklist before and after you have completed packing your supplies into the campervan.

Get Comfortable With the Vehicle Before Any Big Trips

Driving a campervan can be a lot more demanding than a normally sized pedestrian vehicle. To keep both yourself and others on the road safe, make sure you have plenty of practice with the vehicle before going on any long distance trip. Not only will you be approaching your trip in a safe manner, but your stress levels will be drastically decreased if you are comfortable behind the wheel!

Keep Yourself Prepared for Meal Prep!

Having a charcoal grill, microwave, and a well-stocked fridge are a must. When you are exploring the world in your campervan, the last thing you want to do is make a million pit stops at restaurants or grocery stores. Keep your self-sufficiency to a maximum and your dependence to a minimum by keeping yourself well stocked and prepared before you hit the road!